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CORU Registration for Psychologists is not yet in place. I look forward to registering when it opens. I am a Chartered Member of the Psychological Society of Ireland.  This means that my qualifications and experience are recognised and verified. It also means that I work within the ethical guidelines set out by the Society and that I engage in ongoing, regular CPD. 

No, I do not carry out these diagnostic assessments. These assessments are usually conducted by a multi-disciplinary team in a healthcare or clinical setting. 

Yes, I conduct Cognitive and Learning Assessments which explore any difficulties a child might be having in relation to learning and which may lead to a diagnosis of Dyslexia. The assessment will also uncover the child’s individual strengths and needs. The report will contain recommendations to support your child. 

Reports are almost always completed within 21 days (usually sooner). If further information is required from parents or teachers, it may take a little longer.

Yes, the cost of an assessment can be claimed against tax and some of the cost of support sessions is covered by some health insurers. Please check with your health insurance provider. More information on tax back can be found on the Revenue Website.

Please try to give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel an appointment so that it can be rescheduled.
Cancellation within 48 hours of appointment: 50% of fee due.
For those who do not attend on the day and give no notice of cancellation: 100% of fee due.
To cancel: please call me on 086 7257137 or send an email to Thank you.

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